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Frontpage (was: Re : [jox-tech] Re: Spacing)

Hi Mathieu!

Well, I worry we start oscillating :-( .

Last week (10 days ago) Mathieu ONeil wrote:
Re the front page, I am afraid I do not really like the current configuration; it is really too confusing to have these different pages to access, some of which feature in the site map, some not etc, all of which to have the logo only on the front page. 

Well, you wanted to have sub-categories which translates to pages. As
a result the original page went empty.

I think it would be more useful to have the important information (mission statement and call for subs) back where they belong: on a frontpage or homepage which is also called "frontpage" or "home" or whatever but there is only one, please.

I reverted to the previous situation. Again there is no right column
now. That was were we started last time.

As for the logo: either it can be flipped over (so that instead of being "read" top left to bottom right it is "read" bottom right to top left) and positioned so that its top bit ends to the left of the title, or, like I said before, it should be set aside for now. 

I removed the logo from the frontpage.

AFAICS we tried now two solutions none of them you felt well with.
Before entering the next iteration: Do you really think that this
layout detail is so important for the success of the journal?



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