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Re: [jox-tech] CSS issues

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Hi Stefan, all

Following up..

----- Original Message -----
From: Stefan Merten <smerten>
Date: Monday, November 1, 2010 6:09 pm

Hi Mathieu!

6 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
 Regarding the navigation bar color I think the original 
choice (light  green) worked better: the new version is too 
faint, makes it hard to  see.

I guess by "navigation bar" you mean the "Site Map", "Accessibility",
... links.

No I meant the right-side column which says "navigation" on top... 

It was dark green, indeed. I reverted this. This applies to *all*
links (i.e. text where you click on and end up somewhere else).

Because this change has such a high impact I didn't fiddle with the
colors in this stuff:

 Concerning the toolbar it is also hard to read now. Also 
the names of  pages are sort of a bit too high in the 
toolbar. If you look at this  example:
 you will see what I mean, their titles (Explore, 
Records...) are
 better  centered

I changed this by changing vertical #portal-globalnav/a/padding 
from 6
to 9 pixels. However, this is fiddling with single pixels and may
depend on factors such as the actually installed font. In other words:
It may look right to you but may break for someone else.

(they also don't look so thick - if ours are in bold, this 
may  not
be necessary).

Removed boldness.

This could be because of our setup, when you click  over 
a page
title there is a black square that appears but there is 
a  piece of
grey toolbar that remains underneath?

Gone with the padding change.

OK, looks better I think - thanks.

In any case white on  light grey is hard to read; grey 
should be a bit darker I think.

As I said I didn't change this. Please make a suggestion for the
background and the foreground color.

Currently the toolbar is light grey with letters in white (is this what you mean by background?) which is hard to read ; when you scroll over the white turns to black which makes the writing much clearer..
Either we can leave as is or try to make the unscrolled-over letters more visible, maybe by making the background a slightly darker grey?

This is not about the toolbar font, but about the single 
titles above the line.
It is not too bold exactly, but this font does not match 
rest of the layout - it needs to be more like arial or geneva 
Well, this is a typical style element to have the headers in 
a serif
font and the text in a sans-serif font - which is probably the
difference you see. In fact this is one of the few places 
where mixing
serif and sans-serif is considered good practice.

Therefore I didn't change this and suggest keeping it this way.
 Well, to me it is quite dissonant to have a different 
scheme like that; I  suggest we wait until there is more 
text underneath to see what it  looks like?

Well, if you look at typical printed text like in a newspaper 
you will
see that "dissonance" often.

Well, it doesn't really matter to me. I killed it in all places where
it occured. (Obviously the designer had something in mind when 
he did

Also should be all in not-caps to match the journal title font.

Oops - that one I forgot. I'd need to change
`h1.documentFirstHeading/text-transform`. However, I'd 
suggest keeping
it the way it is. Please repeat this point if you really want this
 Well, if is a different font then it doesnt matter so 
much. Ideally for  me those titles should match the journal 
title so be in the helvetica /  arial font family and all 
in not caps. But like I said before lets wait  for articles 
until we decide, if that is OK with you.

Since it's no longer a different font I changed this, too.

OK, thanks.

Random other issues:

Right-side navigation toolbar
 I tried to add categories to the research page but could not following  your earlier instructions but did not succeed (or maybe this was just to  tag submissions?). If there is a way for me to add categories in  right-side columns I can go through the site and make sure everywhere  has them, thanks for letting me know.

Numbering system
On the frontpage I removed the numbers next to the suggested conference questions - I thought they looked funny as they were so isolated prominent to the left of everything; but there is some layout trickery around no. 1: when you remove it all text disappears so I left it for now. Is there a way to fix this? Alternatively is there a way to have lists of numbers which are not in the margin relative to the rest of the para?

Scientific ratings
We have not discussed this at all yet; normally all research papers should be rated according to our categories (see
We need to figure out a way to make this appear somehow?...



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