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Right-side navigation toolbar (was: Re: [jox-tech] CSS issues)

Hi Mathieu and all!

6 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
 I tried to add categories to the research page but could not
 following  your earlier instructions but did not succeed (or maybe
 this was just to  tag submissions?).

May be there was a misunderstanding here. I asked you to add some
entries on the submissions categories page. You did, thank you.

Then I said that *I* have to create the respective collections in the
`Research` folder for the categories you created. This will work if
the submissions are tagged by the respective category.

Well, you can do the last step as well, but I guess it'll save us
serveral months if I do it.

If there is a way for me to
 add categories in  right-side columns I can go through the site and
 make sure everywhere  has them, thanks for letting me know.

Sometimes I wonder whether you remember what I tried to explain. Also
often you don't reply to my explanations. In such cases I assume that
you simply understood. Now I think my assumption is wrong. Mathieu,
*please* if you don't understand something *ask* again! It's much less
pain to explain something until it is understood than to run into the
same problem again and again!

So - for the last time - here it comes again: What you call
"categories" in this context and what is shown in the navigation
portlet on the right is really *content* of the folder you are
currently looking at.

Think of a file system in your personal computer where you also can
create folders. The navigation portlet shows the content of the folder
you are looking at. All the entries in the top level navigation bar
(the horizontal one with the grey background color) are (top level)
folders (except "Home" which is really a special case).

Therefore you can add "categories" / content by adding new content.
For instance in the `Ressources` folder you just created you can "add
new..." and then select "Page" to add a new page - for instance



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