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Re: [jox-tech] CSS issues

Hi Mathieu and all!

Today Stefan Merten wrote:
6 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
Currently the toolbar is light grey with letters in white (is this
what you mean by background?) which is hard to read ;

Indeed light grey is the background color and white is the foreground

when you
scroll over the white turns to black which makes the writing much
Either we can leave as is or try to make the unscrolled-over letters
more visible, maybe by making the background a slightly darker grey?

I'll change that color to a darker grey when I'm online again.


Numbering system
On the frontpage I removed the numbers next to the suggested
conference questions - I thought they looked funny as they were so
isolated prominent to the left of everything; but there is some
layout trickery around no. 1: when you remove it all text disappears
so I left it for now. Is there a way to fix this? Alternatively is
there a way to have lists of numbers which are not in the margin
relative to the rest of the para?

Actually I wondered when you will stumble over this ;-) . Mimbo style
sets `*/padding` to 0. This results in pushing all markup for lists to
the left and in turn this results in ending up in the left margin. I
agree with you that this is not acceptable.

I'll recover the lists on the frontpage and remove the padding=0 when
I'm back online.

Done. As I wrote the pages look quite different now.



Thread: jox-techT00001 Message: 39/71 L14 [In date index] [In thread index]
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